Дорогие пользователи,

Совет директоров Bagels DAO завершил выплату дивидендов за 2 недели начиная с 30 сентября. В настоящее время [Мои вознаграждения] имеют два канала сбора: Harvest и Harvest Legacy. Среди которых в активы Harvest Legacy выходят — дивиденды по доходу от Bagels Boardroom V1. …

Dear Bagelers,

Bagels DAO 이사회는 9월 30일부터 2주간의 배당금을 분배가 완료되었습니다.현재 [My Rewards]에는 Harvest 및 Harvest Legacy의 두 가지 수신 채널이 있습니다.그 중 Harvest Legacy의 자산은 Bagels Boardroom V1 버전의 소득 배당금입니다.레버리지 배당 자산에는 gMDX 및 gCAKE가 있으며 스프레드 소득 배당 자산에는 gMDX, gBUSD, gBNB, gBTC, gUSDT, gETH, gCAKE 및 gUSDC가 있습니다.

Bagels V1 버전의 모든 배당금이 분배되었으므로 Harvest Legacy에 자산이 있는 모든 사용자는 10월 21일 오전 9:00(UTC+9 한국 시간)전에 자산를 받아야 합니다.10월 21일 오전9:00(UTC+9 한국 시간)에 Bagels 제품의 프런트 엔드가 Harvest Legacy 기능에서 제거됩니다.그 후에 V1 버전에서 배당금을 받지 않습니다.


Dear Bagelers,

Bagels DAO Boardroom has distributed dividends for two weeks since September 30, and users’personal rewards can be claimed in【My Rewards】. Currently,【My Rewards】 has two channels: Harvest and Harvest Legacy. Assets in Harvest Legacy are platform revenue income of Bagels Boardroom Version 1.0(V1),among …

Product Updates

1. September 3rd : Migration to Bagels new website: https://app.bagels.finance/

2. September 9th: The Leverage V2 Pool of the Mdex strategy was launched. The MDX rewards were removed, and the daily output of BAGEL was increased.

3. September 9th: the BAGEL reward distribution system of the leveraged farm was updated…

Дорогие Bagels,

Мы хотим вас поблагодарить за вашу поддержку и ожидание, сегодня мы рады анонсировать о выплате первых дивидендов совета директоров DAO!

29 сентября в 20:00 (UTC-4) Bagels сделают Snapshot veBAGEL и члены совета директоров получат дивиденды от пула майнинга ликвидности с привлечением заемных средств Bagels Finance, налоговых поступлений и…

친애하는 베이글러들:

귀하의 지원과 기다려주신 Bagelers에 감사드립니다. DAO 이사회가 첫 번째 배당금을 안내할 예정임을 발표하게 된 것을 기쁩니다!

Bagels는 9월 29일 오후 8시(UTC-4),한국 시간 9월 30일 오전 9시(UTC+9)에 veBAGEL의 스냅샷을 찍을 것입니다. 이사회 구성원은 veB …

Dear Bagelers,

Thank you very much for your support and waiting! We are pleased to announce that the DAO Boardroom will soon distribute its first dividend to all the veBAGEL holders!

Bagels will take the snapshot of veBAGEL at 8pm, September 29 UTC-4. Boardroom members will benefit from tax income…

Welcome to the Bagels Ambassador Program!

Right now, the world is transitioning into the new era of decentralized finance where the people are in control of their wealth. As the decentralized market grows, the role of yield farmers and the platforms that serve them are key to the healthy growth of the ecosystem; Bagels Finance is at the forefront of this mission to provide the best place for yield farmers and lenders to transact. Today, we are launching the Bagels Ambassador Program to give you a voice in the Bagels network, and to help us propel the DeFi community and technology forward.

Ambassadors drive adoption of Bagels by going above and beyond to support the project, offering beneficial contributions to the Bagels network and the DeFi community as a whole while being rewarded for their efforts.

Participate and read the full details here:https://bagelsofficial.gitbook.io/bagels-finance/bagels-ambassador-program-version-2.0

Bagel Finance is pleased to announce that has entered into a strategic partnership with CCTIP ,join the CCTIP wallet ecosystem!

CCTIP will collect $Bagels assets and launch AMA,Bagels Finance will also issue massive airdrops to all users , looking forward to a different spark between the two sides!

CCTIP X @BagelsFinance- $100 of $DOGE

To Join: Follow, RT, and at 3 FRS

Join t.me/bagelsfinance and t.me/cctip_svip

Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/LxRJF1MSHtCsEAn8A

Note:winner list will be announced on sep 25th

CCTip is an Cryptocurrency wallet with group management function and platform automatic reward function.We have more than 1 million users and more than 500,000 active communities.We have worked with many large project parties such as $TRON, $SUN, $SHIB etc , We have more than more than 1200 partners.

Website: http://app.bagels.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bagelsfinance


Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol

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