Bagels Finance Announces Strategic Partnership With MetisDAO Layer2 Protocol

Bagels Finance announced a key strategic partnership with MetisDAO that will allow both organizations to deliver better applications as for their users.

MetisDAO’s Layer2 protocol allows developers to easily build decentralized organizations and applications on the Ethereum blockchain cheaper, faster and with more scalability and functionality through its simple dApp creation platform. Their system empowers builders in the crypto community to create secure and transparent networks that are both user-friendly and decentralized.

Bagels Finance is the first cross-chain leveraged yield farming aggregation protocol and liquidity provider for Heco, BSC, and Ethereum Layer2. Bagels strategically interacts with multiple DeFi yield farming products and staking assets for yield farmers to earn them the highest profits. Bagels borrows assets and provides additional liquidity for yield farmers by leveraging their asset deposits, allowing yield farmers to earn a higher farming APY on their deposited and borrowed assets on Heco, BSC and Ethereum Layer2.

In this strategic partnership between Bagels and Metis, Bagels will use its own cross-chain aggregation protocol (Dokodoa) to help Metis solve smart contract interactions with other Layer2 protocols. Bagels will also build further DeFI products on Metis Layer2 leveraging their dApp building power.



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