Bagels Finance Cross-chain Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol, Completed USD 4.5 Million Seed Round Financing

This round of private institutional investment was led by LD Capital and Merkle Labs. Participating institutions include: AU21 Capital, Genblock, x21 Digital, Libra Commercial, BV Capital, SuperChain Capital, Oneboat Capital, Jackdaw, Chain Up Capital, FlyBit, 7 O’Clock Capital, FilDa, CoinBene, NFVentures, Bfire Capital, Consensus Lab, Waterdrip Capital, CollinStar Capital, Crypto Capital, Cryptomeria, Geekbeans Capital, Safest Strategy Service, Scorpio Ventures, Hermes Club, Crypto Planet, etc.

Due to regulation concerns, for this funding round, Bagels Finance only accepted investments from institutional funds, and unfortunately did not allow any community or individual to directly take part.

Bagels Finance is a cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol on BSC/HECO/ETH Layer2/Solana. It aims to provide users with up to 10x leverage to earn the higher APY in DeFi liquidity farming market through strategically interacting with multiple DeFi products for farming. It optimizes the trading process to maximize liquidity farming positions and the APY in the DeFi market. Bagels’ cross-chain aggregation protocol Dokodoa (“Anywhere Door”) protocol utilizes state oracle technology to achieve cross-chain liquidity mining and cross-chain vault.



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