Bagels Finance DAO Boardroom Dividend Screenshot Share & Win BAGEL Event (#1)

For event details, please check the event chart below:

Event Period:Sep 30-Oct 9 (UTC-4)

How to claim rewards?

PM and Send all your screenshots and link to our assistant in respective channel in which you completed all the required tasks

When will I get the rewards?

End of October


Must use the full name “Bagels Finance” when write up your review+experience+prospects,can’t use “Bagels”;The user can post to all these three channels to accumulate your BAGEL rewards

Three Channels to participate:

1. Twitter:

2. Bagels Finance Telegram:

Official English Telegram:

Korean-speaking volunteer community:

Chinese-speaking volunteer community:

Vietnam-speaking volunteer community:

Indian volunteer community:

Indonesian volunteer community::

Russian-speaking volunteer community:

Japanese-speaking volunteer community:

Arabic-speaking volunteer community:

3. Discord:




Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol

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Bagels Finance

Bagels Finance

Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol

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