Bagels Finance Genesis Farming Tutorial

Bagels Finance
3 min readAug 23, 2021

Aug 23–25(UTC-4)

Win 30k BAGEL Airdrop on Aug 23–25(UTC-4)

  1. Login in Bagels’ website:;

2. Link BSC wallet address on the upper right corner of the home page;

  • BSC mining should be opened first in the Genesis Farming period;
  • Homepage Dashboard will display personal position information and mining rewards.

3. In the drop-down page, click “Add Token” to Add BAGEL, USDT, MDX and other tokens;

  • Bagels Genesis Farming period supports assets of the BSC network: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, MDX, BUSD and BAGEL

4. Click the [Lend] page and select the cryptocurrency for deposit. Let’s use [USDT] as an example, click [Deposit];

5. Fill in the deposit amount, and the system automatically converts it into gUSDT amount; Click [Deposit USDT], complete Approve authorization and confirm Gas fee, that is, get the deposit token.

Start Genesis Farming on 8pm, Aug 25(UTC-4)

1.Click [Farm] to enter the farming page, click [Vault], select gUSDT, and click [Deposit];

2. Deposit the gUSDT deposit token you just get, click [Deposit gUSDT], and start mining after completing this step;

This page shows gUSDT information in detail:

gUSDT deposits amount, The amount of gUSDT available for deposit, BAGEL daily output, Boost multiples,veBAGEL amount, Annual loan rate, Boost accelerated annualization

  • Put BAGEL in Boardroom to get veBAGEL and mining acceleration, continue to read the detailed tutorial

3. Click [Dashboard]- [Vault] to view the mining rewards, and click [Details] to see the details.