Bagels Finance Genesis Farming Tutorial(Leveraged Farm)

Bagels Finance
4 min readAug 27, 2021

Leveraged Farm

  1. Login in Bagels’ website:

2. Link BSC wallet address on the upper right corner of the home page;

BSC mining should be opened first in Genesis Farming period;
Homepage Dashboard will display personal position information and mining rewards.

3.Click on the [Farm] page — Click on [Leveraged]; Let’s use [BNB/USDT] as an example, click [Farm 3x];

4. The page displays the number of BNB and USDT available, select the amount of your loan; Set parameters, select leverage multiple, and click [Farm];

*BNB/USDT transaction pair, you can borrow BNB or USDT;
*If you don’t have USDT or BNB, the platform will automatically help you convert to BNB+USDT LP at 1:1 ratio, which means that single asset can also do leveraged mining;
*Bagels currently supports up to 3x leverage.

5. After completing “Farm Success”, click [Dashboard] — [Leveraged] to view the position information of leveraged mining; If the risk rate is high, click [Add Collateral] to add positions. You can also click [Close] to Close positions and withdraw the asset pool.

Risk Reminder:Liquidation may take place when debt ratio is 100%.Please try to control the debt ratio within 85%.

Stake BAGEL to Boardroom

Accelerated vault farming (up to 2.5x)
Receive weekly dividends from the Boardroom

  1. Click [Boardroom] — [Stake] to select the number of BAGEL to be deposited and the Lock Time. The system will automatically exchange to the number of Vebagels, click [Stake] to complete the lockup, and then the use becomes a Boardroom member.

2. You can view the earnings in real time. VeBAGEL will get gUSDT earnings, that is, 50% revenue dividend of the platform, which is paid every Thursday.
*gUSDT earnings decay with lock time. The longer the lock time, the slower the decay rate.
* Other rights include: vault farming Boost Acceleration (Max: 2.5x); DAO voting governance; platform airdrop rewards and airdrops from other DeFi project partnered with Bagels.

Important Notice:

Users can put BAGEL into Boardroom several times, but the next lockup time must be greater than or equal to (no less than) the last lockup time. When the next lock time is longer than the previous lock time, the last lock time will be calculated and the user will obstain a greater vault farm boost.

3. VeBAGEL accelerated mining calculator
(1) At [Boardroom], click on [Calculate Boost], enter your veBAGEL number, autonomously calculate mining acceleration multiple .

(2) When you do vault farm, information about veBAGEL Boost will be displayed, including veBAGEL Amount, Vault Boost multiple and Boost APY.