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What is Bagels?

Bagels Finance is a cross-chain leveraged yield farming aggregation protocol based on HECO/BSC/ETH. It aims to provide users with up to 10x leverage to earn the highest APY in DeFi liquidity farming market through strategically interacting with multiple DeFi products and staking assets for farming.

Project Roadmap

Early April 2021: Smart Contract audit and Bagels Testnet Launch

End April 2021: Bagels Mainnet v1 Launch

Mid May 2021: Bagels Mainnet v2 Launch

Early June 2021: Dokodoa cross-chain aggregation protocol Launch

Project Highlights

Leveraged lending protocol, cross-chain aggregation protocol, cross-chain vault, cross-chain liquidity farming

Bagels Vault Farming

The APY of staking assets in Bagels reaches 3%-90%, among which APY with leading assets such as ETH, HT and BNB can reach 3%-80%, and APY with stablecoins such as USDT can reach 30%-90%

Bagels Leveraged Yield Farming

Bagels simplifies the entire transaction process, users only need to collateralize one asset to the liquidity pool for yield farming, no LP staking is required. Users can use 2–10 times leverage to increase the yield farming APY through popular DeFi yield farming pools.

Dokodoa: Cross-chain Aggregation Protocol

Cross-chain aggregation protocol: multi-asset can use Dokodoa to achieve not only cross-chain interoperable asset interaction, but also smart contracts interaction. This allows for cross-chain liquidity mining, as well as cross-chain vault.

Dokodoa: Cross-chain Aggregation Protocol Solution

Dokodoa is a secure and decentralized cross-chain solution based on State oracle and cross-chain bridge smart contracts. It can support any chain that includes signature algorithms using ECDSA and EDDSA, such as Ethereum, HECO, BSC, Okex Chain, etc. Users are able to complete the deposit and cross-chain transactions in one-click. It eliminates the need to switch between different public chain network settings. The cross-chain bridge will automatically detect user’s transaction and trigger the cross-chain mapping process.

Bagels Armor

Bagels’ LP pool has 6 lock-in period options, which are 0 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Earnings will be boosted by 25% per cycle.

1. Accumulating from Day 0, enjoy a 25% boost when you reach the 7 days lock-in period, so on and so forth.

2. Choose the corresponding period, and if the user withdraws the LP token before the period ends, there will be an extra 0.5% transaction fees penalty.

3. When the LP token is withdrawn, both user’s principal and earning will be withdrawn at the same time, farming boost will re-start from 0.

Bagels Revenue Allocation

20% — Buy-back and burn:

20% of the Bagels platform revenue will be used to buy-back and burn BAGEL, which deflates the circulation of BAGEL and enhances the value of BAGEL.

40% — DAO Dividends:

40% Revenue will be distributed to each DAO boardroom members of Bagels proportional to their shares of dBAGEL.

40% — Team Operation and Development:

40% Revenue will be distributed to the team members to support product development and operation.

Bagels Token Allocation

Total Supply: 110,000,000 BAGEL

60%: Vault Farming and Leveraged Yield Farming

18%: Institutional Investors & Partners

10%: Team Reserve

7%: Airdrop

5%: Market Incentives

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