Bagels Finance Meme Bounty Campaign

Bounty Activity period: July 23, 2021 — August 6, 2021

What is Bagels Finance?

Bagels Finance is the first cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol, based on Heco, BSC, and Ethereum Layer2. On Bagels, lenders can earn higher lending interest rates. By taking leverage — up to 10X- yield farmers can earn a higher farming APY. Bagels will provide liquidity to yield farms on Heco, BSC and Ethereum on behalf of the yield farmers.

The Bagels Community

The Bagels Community is a third party community created by experienced DeFi enthusiasts aiming to collectively progress Bagels Finance’s technical and community development. Bagels will be launching its V1 in the coming weeks and is looking to engage the community and raise the excitement.

Bagels will be hosting a Meme Bounty Campaign from July 23, 2021 — August 6, 2021 (2 weeks in total). Participants who enter will submit their content to the Bagels team and share it within the community, with a chance to win prices!

How to join

  1. Download Bagels logos, colours and font.
  2. Share the bounty campaign and Bagels Community within your networks to find additional supporters of Bagels.

Content Requirements and Rules

  1. Content can include one of the keywords/phrases “Bagels Finance” or “BAGELs DeFi” or “BAGEL DeFi” and include the Bagels logo
  2. Meme artists can submit multiple pieces of work- but only the best will be considered for prizes!
  3. Videos, gifs and pictures are all accepted.
  4. You must guarantee the originality of your work. If two participants are found to have submitted the same content, both parties will be disqualified from participating and receiving a bounty.
  5. No vulgar or inappropriate content.

Theme of the Meme

The theme of the content must be related to Bagels Finance in some way. The reference themes are as follows:

  1. Memorable stories related to Bagels Finance
  2. Funny pictures and videos of Bagels Finance
  3. The future of Bagels Finance

Submission Details

Please post by Aug 6, 2021

  1. Post your memes to Twitter, FaceBook, WeChat, Telegram or any other social media platform that you have. Tag Bagels Finance in your post!
  2. DM, Message or email us ( the link to your meme, your contact information and a HECO or BSC wallet address by the submission deadline.

Judgement Criteria

  1. Influence and appreciation within the community in the form of likes, comments, or dissemination to other blockchain-related platforms or communities.
  2. Creativity and novelty
  3. Effort used to make the meme


Participants will receive a BAGEL airdrop , which can be redeemed for prizes, based on their rating.

Meme of the Day: The person with the best meme of the day will receive 50 Bagel tokens, and the second , third would get 30 and 20 token respectively.

Sunshine Award: For all participants, 2 Bagel tokens

Award Announcement and Distribution

  1. The winners will be announced by the Bagels Finance Twitter and Telegram pages.
  2. After the selection, all selected artists will be awarded with their BAGEL tokens within 7 business days after the mainnet is launched.



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