Bagels Finance Monthly Report-October, 2021

Bagels Finance
2 min readNov 1, 2021


DAO Boardroom Dividend Distribution

(October 29,04:30 UTC-4)

Up to now, the Boardroom has distributed 5 times of dividends sharing

Spread income total dividend:$21,529 USDT

Total dividend of farming tax revenue:$252,804 USDT

*Token real-time market price:

MDX: $1.00

CAKE: $17.71

BNB: $493.72

ETH: $4331.27

BTC: $61070.47

Product Update

1.October 20: DAO removed Harvest Legacy function

2.October 26: the BAGEL/BUSD LP Pool-Geyser was launched. Users can select the lock days of LP to get different Boost acceleration

3. October 27: Lend and Vault deposit pools of BAGEL were launched. Users can stake BAGEL to obtain farming tax and interest income

Project Development

1. October 8: the community initiated the BIP-002 proposal. As part of the leverage users had position wearing which resulted in the loss of lending users, it is recommended to use USDT to compensate users who hold gBNB, gUSDT, and gBUSD.

2. October 12: the total volume of DAO’s locked BAGEL exceeded 2 million

3. October 14: the BIP-002 proposal was passed. A total of 390,000 veBAGEL participated in the vote, and the support rate reached 72.4%

4. October 25, the BAGEL/BUSD trading pair was launched on Bitmart Exchange, and users can trade freely.

5. In October, Bagels Finance (BAGEL) got listed on Trust Wallet, DappRadar, BSCNEWS, Defistation, WhatsCoin

Marketing Activities

1. October 1st, Bagels Finance DAO Boardroom Dividend Screenshot Sharing & Win BAGEL Event was held, with a total of 10,000 participants.

2. October 20, Bagels Finance held an online live broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Hackathon, sharing the technical features and functional explanations of Bagels product.

3. October 26, triple benefits partnered with Bitmart Exchange: follow Bagels Finance social media rewards,airdrops to BAGEL holdings and net buy-in contests, with a total rewards of 37,500 BAGEL.

Community Building

1. Social Media

Official Twitter followers exceed 80,000+



Added Twitter(CN)

Added official Youtube channel

2. Telegram Volunteer Community

As of October 30, Bagels has more than 10 different language communities in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, etc. The total number of global community members is 100,000+.

Data Update

(October 29, 00:00 UTC-4)

TVL (total locked value): $36,488,516.46

Number of BAGEL holding address: 5,001

BAGEL locked amount: 2,359,736.723

Average lock time: 2.61 years

The percentage of total locked BAGEL to the total circulation: 78%

Number of veBAGEL: 1,543,435.542

Dividend per veBAGEL: $1.756/year