Bagels Finance Monthly Report-September, 2021

Bagels Finance
3 min readSep 30, 2021

Product Updates

1. September 3rd : Migration to Bagels new website:

2. September 9th: The Leverage V2 Pool of the Mdex strategy was launched. The MDX rewards were removed, and the daily output of BAGEL was increased.

3. September 9th: the BAGEL reward distribution system of the leveraged farm was updated; any amount of collateral can be added at any time to reduce risks.

4. September 16th: BIP-001 proposal adjusted the distribution of liquidity farming revenue, and 85% of the mining tax revenue was distributed to the Boardroom veBAGEL holders

5. September 16th: Added the one-click deposit function to Vault in [Lend]; joined the Walletconnect protocol to adapt to multi-signature wallets; fixed and optimized the front-end display problem​

6. September 22nd: Lend and Vault pools launched CAKE and USDC assets

7. September 24th: PancakeSwap strategy was launched on the Leverage pool on 24th, opening a total of 7 trading pairs: CAKE/USDT, BNB/BUSD, BNB/USDT, BNB/BUSD, CAKE/BUSD, ETH/USDC, BTC/BNB

8. September 29th: Added Burns function. Users can independently view and withdraw platform income distribution

Project Development

1. September 7th: The first batch of 900,000 BAGEL from the institutional investment round was released through the BSC address

2. September 9th: The Leverage V2 Pool (Mdex strategy) was launched, with 1,000,000 BAGEL output in 30 days

3. September 11th: Bagels community initiated the BIP-001 proposal, suggesting to adjust the distribution of liquidity farming revenue to increase the Boardroom’s revenue

4. September 16th: The BIP-001 proposal was passed. A total of 250,000 veBAGEL participated in the vote. The support rate reached 99.9%

5. September 23th: SwapAll officially announced that it has invested part of its $ETH and $USDT funds in the vault pools for farming on the Bagels platform

6. September 25th: Bagels Ambassador Recruitment Rules (V2) was announced. As of September 30th, a total of 15 volunteers have submitted application.

7. September 28th: The DAO Boardroom announced the first dividend distribution details

8. September 30th: The DAO Boardroom completed the first dividend distribution, with a total distribution of 80544.564MDX, 2434.02USDT, 271.247225BUSD, 6.291759BNB, 0.008727BTC, 0.0866742ETH

9. Listed on imToken, BitKeep, DeBank, Math Wallet and ONTO wallets

10. Reached strategic collaboration with RioDeFi and SwapAll

Marketing Activity

1. September 3rd : Released the first batch of airdrop rewards for events held from April to August

2.September 8th : Jointly held a 35,000 BAGEL airdrop event with CoinMarketCap. Covered more than 1 million people, a total of 200,000 people participated and filled out application forms, community referral traffic over 24500 and Twitter expressions increased by over 20,000.

3.September 10th : Released all the 80,000 BAGEL airdrops for “public test” and “deposit on mainnet launch day”events

4. September 10th : Jointly held a voting event with DeBank to help Bagels become a Hot and Top project

5.September 26th : Alex, Bagels Finance COO, was interviewed by Mr. Block Research

Community Building

1. Official Twitter

-Bagels Twitter has more than 83,000 followers, an increase of 32% from August.

-Opened a new Twitter account for Bagels South Russian community (@BagelsFinanceRU)

2. Telegram Volunteer Community

-Opened Russian-speaking Telegram community, with a total of 223 people

-As of September 30th, Bagels has communities in more than 10 countries speaking different languages globally, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Russian, Arabic and etc. The total number of followers in Bagels global community is over 70,000, an increase of 40% compared to August.

Data update

(September 29th,12:00)

TVL (Total Locked Value) : $52,375,523.19

Number of BAGEL Holding Address: 3,094

Volume of Locked BAGEL: 1,665,659.241

Average Lock Time: 2.06 years

The percentage of locked BAGEL in total BAGEL circulation:74%

Number of VeBAGEL: 862,151.552

Dividend perVeBAGEL: $4.195/year