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3 min readAug 13, 2021


Dear Bagels users,

The Bagels Finance testnet has been running smoothly and safely since the V1 Pool Test was launched at 22:00 (UTC-4) on 5 August, despite occasional front-end data errors and minor problems.Bagels has received a positive response from its global community, with more and more users participating in the Bagels Public Test. Bagels Finance Public Test has decided to launch V2 Pool ahead of schedule in order to allow more people to participate in the public test farming contest for BAGEL airdrop rewards.

Launch Time: 00:00 2021/8/18 (UTC-4)


Since Pool V2 is part of the Bagels Finance Testnet Farming Contest, any TBAGEL earned in participating in farming in Pool V2 can also be ranked in the farming contest, and the prize of 50,000BAGEL airdrop will be shared.

In addition, in order to achieve a fair competition with the V1 Pool, Bagels formulated the following rules for participants in the V2 Pool Contest:

All addresses that participated in the V1 Pool test cannot participate in the V2 Pool test.

2. The daily TBAGEL output per strategy of V2 Pool is 1.4 times that of V1 Pool, so that V1 and V2 users are on the same starting line.

MDX/BNB v2 TBAGEL Daily Output 14700

BNB/USDT v2 TBAGEL Daily Output 52920

MDX/USDT v2 TBAGEL Daily Output 3920

3.Like the V1 Pool, each strategy has a maximum quota and participants cannot open a new position repeatedly.

Note: Maximum total participation cost per address is approximately: 60USDT, 0.2BNB, 50MDX

4. Before participating in V2 Pool, join Bagels Finance community (

5. Follow Bagels Finance official Twitter (, retweet, set-top and @ three friends.

6. Compete with V1 users for ranking, and the top 2000 users will be awarded BAGEL airdrops based on the number of TBAGEL received during the contest. BAGEL airdrop rewards will be distributed once our product launch.

Rewards Details:

The 1st Place winner: 3,000 Bagels

The 2nd Place winner: 2,500 Bagels

The 3rd Place winner: 2,000 Bagels

4th: 1,500 Bagels

5th: 1,000 Bagels

6th-100th:15,000 bagels in total

101st-2000th:15,000 bagels in total

* BAGEL airdrop formula for 6th to 2000th users (your test gain ÷total gain of the particular ranking brackets that your test gain lies in) * BAGEL reward in that ranking brackets. For example, you received a total of 500 virtual Bagels and real MDX revenue during the test, ranking 50th, and all users from 6th-100th received a total of 10,000 virtual Bagels (unrealizable) and real MDX revenue (realizable), then the airdrop rewards you can get is: (500÷40000)×15,000=187.5 BAGEL


1) TBAGEL airdrop reward will be issued after the product launch, and the rewards of wallet address with malicious behavior will be canceled;

2) during the test,please timely feedback to us if you find bugs (submit BUG: can get extra reward;

3) All the tokens in the testnet are limited to BSC;

4) Bagels Finance has the final right of interpretation of this event.

To learn more about Bagels Finance, you can visit the following official channels:

Bagels Telegram channels:

English: t.m e/bagelsfinance

Korean: t.m e/bagelsfinanceKR

Vietnamese: t.m e/bagelsfinanceVietnam

Chinese: t.m e/bagelsfinanceCN

Discord: discordgg/zEGEPQUAJU


Telegram assistant: @Tinabagels



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