Bagels Finance Testnet Farming Contest Closing Announcement

Bagels Finance
2 min readAug 21, 2021

Dear Bagels users,

Bagels Finance’s global public test has been running smoothly for half a month, during which users from 35+ countries and 10,000+ wallet addresses have participated in the test.Thank you very much for your attention and support to Bagels! The Farming Contest of Bagels Testnet will conclude at 00:00,August 23(UTC-4).Users who participated in the contest are advised to be sure to close your positions and claim and withdraw all your asset and farming yield (TBAGEL)before this time, otherwise your contest ranking will be affected.In accordance with the rules of the public test farming contest, the final ranking list will be announced within 7 working days after the end of the public test.

We are pleased to announce another great news that Bagels Finance mainnet version will be launched on August 24th (UTC-4) ( open the Lending function.It plan to launch “Genesis Farming”and fully open the Vault Farm, Leveraged Farm, DAO Boardroom Governance and other functions on August 26. On August 24 (UTC-4), Bagels will be listed on PancakeSwap with the trading pair BAGEL/BUSD and you can start trading. The contract address will be posted on Twitter simultaneously.

To reward Bagels Finance’s early liquidity providers, anyone who deposit in the Bagels Finance mainnet version between August 24 and 26 will be entitled to share a 30,000 BAGEL airdrop reward and be eligible to participate in “Genesis Farming” on August 26.

To learn more about Bagels Finance, you can visit the following official channels:

Telegram English: https://t.m e/bagelsfinance

Telegram Korean: https://t.m e/bagelsfinanceKR

Telegram Vietnamese: https://t.m e/bagelsfinanceVietnam

Telegram Chinese: https://t.m e/bagelsfinanceCN

Telegram Japan:

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Discord: https://discordgg/zEGEPQUAJU




Telegram assistant: @Tinabagels