Notice: Users MUST claim all your dividend of Bagels V1 in [Harvest Legacy] by 8pm (UTC-4),October 20,2021

Bagels Finance
2 min readOct 12, 2021

Dear Bagelers,

Bagels DAO Boardroom has distributed dividends for two weeks since September 30, and users’personal rewards can be claimed in【My Rewards】. Currently,【My Rewards】 has two channels: Harvest and Harvest Legacy. Assets in Harvest Legacy are platform revenue income of Bagels Boardroom Version 1.0(V1),among which [leveraged] income asset types include gMDX and gCAKE, and [Interest] income asset types include gMDX, gBUSD, gBNB, gBTC, gUSDT, gETH, gCAKE and gUSDC.

Since the dividend of Bagels V1 has been fully distributed. Users who still have assets in [Harvest Legacy] MUST claim all of them by 8pm (UTC-4),October 20. The [Harvest Legacy] will be removed from Bagels front-end platform at 8pm (UTC-4),October 20.After this time,these dividend rewards of Bagels V1 will no longer be claimable.

Claim Process:

Currently, each asset requires a separate [Claim].

The gTOKEN you claimed would be automatically reinvested into the 【Lend】 pool to earn interest. If you want to withdraw assets to your wallet,you can go to the【Lend】pool. The process is shown as follows:

These assets can be sold, converted to BAGEL for reinvestment, or farm with leverage.

If you want to continue single-asset vault farming, you don’t need to withdraw it from the [Lend] pool, but deposit the gTOKEN claimed directly in 【Farm】.You can earn BAGEL as vault farming income.The process is shown as follows: